• 2 ex. 48 V Li-ion battery modules
  • 4.6 kWh effect (enough energy to charge about 200 holes)
  • Weight: 80 kg

Custom made battery for the Mix series

In 2012, Morten Haugan and John Ragnar Stenersen worked on a bachelor’s thesis about how to make a batterypack that was able to run a Nobel Mix 2 during a job.

The solution was a battery pack of 2x 48V Lithium-ion battery modules with a power of approximately 4.6kWh. That gives enough energy to load about 200 holes with the Nobel Mixer. The battery pack has a weight of about 80Kg. And can be integrated into Nobel Mix.
The Bachelor’s thesis was part of the studies Industry Bachelor Electro / Technical Cybernetics at University College of South East Norway.